Welcome to Longer Tables Online

Connect with others beyond the table.

Welcome to the table online community!

Whether you've sat at one of our tables or want to be part of our growing community who want to harness the power of the table in bringing our communities back together, welcome!

Inside, we will share inspiration and resources, as well as help you connect with others around the nation. 

Welcome to those from our various table events around the nation!

  • Longer Tables Colorado - Tables of 90-100 people set around the Denver Metro Region, bringing people from all walks of life together to share a meal and make new and meaningful connections with those they would never eat with.
  • Dinners for Democracy - These dinners use the power of the shared meal as a place for leaders with polarizing perspectives to reclaim civil dialogue and relationship. Our hope is to see a beautiful and diverse nation boldly embrace (and humanize) others from varying perspectives through kindness and respect.
  • The Mile-Long Table: Coming soon to the Mile-High City! The Mile-Long Table will set 5,280 people from across our city at a table set down Colfax, the artery of our city.